A special thanks to Ken Jackson, Birmingham, AL   who auctioned off our quilts.

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Top 50 Over 50®  July 30, 2015

 Top 50 Over 50®       

Class of 2014

Dr. J. Dudley Pewitt, Retired UAB                                                                                       

Joyce Tolbert

Melanie McNary, Protective Life Insurance Corp                                                                

Coach Nicholas Saban, University of Alabama

Bud Cason, Bud's Best Cookies                                                                                             

Ellyn Grady, United Way of Central Alabama

Yolanda Sullivan, YWCA of Central Alabama                                                                     

Dr. Jesse Lewis, The Lewis Group/ Birmingham Times  

Max Cooper, McDonalds CLP Corp.                                                                                    

Joan Perry, PHP Communications

Priscilla Davis, Cathedral of Saint Paul                                                                              

Honorable Frank Christopher Green, Blount County Probate

Ty Dodge, Realty South                                                                                                          

Chris Monceret, Community of Hope Health Clinic

Brenda Hackney                                                                                                                       

John Lauriello,  Southpace Properties

John Beard, Alacare Home Healthcare and Hospice Services                                        

Honorable Annetta Verin

Renea Mitchell McKinney, Walker Baptist Health Systems                                            

AC Roper, Birmingham Police Department                                        

Robert Haley, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Birmingham Division                          

Doris Maddox

Maria Bouchelle-Campbell                                                                                                   

Gary Burley, Prostart Academy

Paul Kennedy, Walker Area Community Foundation                                                        

Honorable Helen Shores Lee

Dr. Cameron Vowell                                                                                                                

Richard Weiss

JD Simpson, Three Hots and a Cot                                                                                        

Glory Abercrombie

Marion Kristine Mueller, Episcopal Place                                                                              

Ken Jackson

Col. C.H. "Stretch" Dunn                                                                                                        

Alice McSpadden-Williams

Jose' Antonio Valencia, The Valencia Group                                                                         

Honorable Debra H. Goldstein

Sherri Van Pelt, Glenwood Inc.                                                                                              

Stanley Virciglio, Piggly Wiggly

Alan Poole, Emmet O'Neal Library                                                                                       

Miller Piggott, Alzheimer's of Central Alabama

Van L.  Richey, American Cast Iron Pipe Company                                                             

Frances Ross Nolan, Nolan & Byers

Dr. Dennis Pappas, Sr., Pappas Ear Clinic                                                                            

Tony Ippolito

Dr. Luis Pineda, Luis Pineda M.D., P.C.                                                                                 

Dr. Martha Bidez, UAB

Dr.  Richard Arrington                                                                                                             

William Miller

Shelly Stewart, O2 Ideas                                                                                                          

Chef Frank Stitt